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Good News! Grants of up to £2,500 are available direct for Allchurches Trust.

We very much regret that due to the ongoing coronavirus situation our events planned for 25th April, 16th May and 6th June have been cancelled for this year.

We have another full programme of events for 2020. Details have been sent out to all members and can be downloaded from our website.


The full programme of events for 2020 is now available.

Due to coronavirus we are constantly monitoring the situation to see if events can go ahead. A Government announcement is expected on 4th July. We will then confirm whether or not our events planned for 25th July and 15th August will go ahead.

For full details of this and all our events click here.


"The Trust is alive and well, and hard at work in the historic county of Somerset promoting issues of importance to churches and chapels." Read the rest of Axel Palmer's Chairman's report together with a range of articles and a review of the year in our 2019 Annual Report.


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Our Patron Kevin McCloud, the presenter of Grand Designs says:

“Our churches are literally our historic and cultural touchstones – in our landscapes, built environment, family histories and our communities. They embody faith, beauty, craftsmanship and collective memory. So we should cherish them.”

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Start Date/Time:
12 September 2020 10:00
End Date/Time:
12 September 2020 18:00
Recurring Event:
One time event

This is  our main fundraising event. There are many ways you can take part, on your own, with a group or as a church community. More details will be on our website in due course but these are some activities you could take part in:

  • Walk or cycle between churches and chapels on your own or with a group. 
  • Drive between churches
  • Visit churches on horseback (subject to insurance)
  • Make up your own route
  • Follow one of our routes

Can’t cycle or walk? Do something to raise money in your church instead:

  • Play the Organ?
  • Ring the Bells?
  • Have a Treasure Hunt?
  • Trips up the Tower?
  • Coffee Morning?
  • Cream Teas?
  • Cake Sale, etc ...?

So ... Get sponsored or make a donation. Keep an eye on the website for details of a big event, or follow us on Twitter

Full details, and all the forms you need, will be on our website:

Further information about Ride+Stride from: Michael Auton, tel: 07862 253514, email:
He is waiting to hear from you!!Ride+SAtride


Easter 2020 has seen the successful completion of Somerset Churches Trust’s roof alarm grant campaign in conjunction with Allchurches Trust, the charitable owner of Ecclesiastical Insurance.

Against a background of continuing lead thefts from churches, Chris Hawkings (Trustee) led Somerset Churches Trust (SCT) in a pioneering project with Allchurches Trust. The partnership was to use SCT’s existing grant giving scheme to distribute funds to mainly rural churches in Somerset to enable them to install roof alarms.

Click here to read the full press Release

Roof Alarm Grants Still Available

We are pleased to announce that grants for roof alarms are now available direct from Allchurches Trust. Allchurches are offering grants of up to £2,500 subject to a maximum of 50% of the cost of the installation. Systems must have the approval of the church insurers and be subject to a five year maintenance contract. 

APPLY NOW by clicking on this link to Allchurches website where you will find an Application Form.

This year's event is due to take place on Saturday 12th September. We are still hoping to run this event but in the light of the ongoing coronavirus situation are awaiting guidance from the National Organisation and Government Guidance. We will announce here as soon as we can what we intend to do.

Annual Report and Accounts 2018-2019

Our Accounts for the year ending 30 June 2019 are now available.
Click here for the full report.

A Welcome from the Chairman

Welcome to our website. We are an independent, non-denominational trust raising money for the repair and improvement of churches and chapels open for Christian worship in the historic county of Somerset. The Trust, founded in 1996 under the name Friends of Somerset Churches and Chapels, exists to encourage interest and the involvement of all members of the community in the magnificent heritage of our fine religious buildings. Already, since its founding, the Trust has made grants of almost £700,000 to over 300 churches and chapels in Somerset. I hope to meet you at one of our church crawls. If you need any information about our activities or how to apply for a grant do please get in touch. All the information you need is on our contacts page.
 Dr Axel Palmer Chairman

Grant Applications and Closing Date

We welcome applications from churches and chapels of all denominations for grants towards repairs and improvements to enable wider community use subject to our grant terms and conditions. Applicants who are not already members of the trust must become members for at least three years in order for a grant to be paid. Grant applications must normally be received one calendar month before the date of the trustees meeting at which the application will be considered. In view of the current coronavirus situation we are unable to visit churches to undertake assessments and we do not have trustee meetings at regular intervals. However, churches are still invited to submit applications for grants and we will respond as soon as we can. 
Click here for more information on Grant Applications.

See Where We've Been on our Church Crawls!

A complete list is now available of every church and chapel we have ever visited since the trust was formed in 1996. You can search by the date of the first visit or alphabetically. Click on the links below to go straight to the lists. If there is somewhere we have missed where you would like to visit then do let us know.

Churches and Chapels visited by date of first visit.
Alphabetical list of churches and chapels visited.

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