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Cheddar Church Tour


Fifteen hardy souls braved the wintery weather to enjoy a tour of Cheddar Churches and were rewarded with a wondrous spread at the Baptist Church.(pictured left)

St. Patrick's Day this year (Saturday17th March) was bitterly cold, promising snow, which thankfully hardly materialised until night fell, but reduced the numbers who came to 15.

At St. Andrew we were treated to two very interesting talks, the first from churchwarden Jim Reeve, on the church and its architecture, and the second from member Frances Neale, former Archivist at Wells Cathedral and local historian. She told us of the Cheddre family and how archaeological excavations have shown the remains of an ancient Anglo-Saxon palace in Kings of Wessex school grounds. The site is also mentioned in King Alfred's will of 901 AD, and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle mentions that the Witan - the Anglo-Saxon Council - met on the site in 942, 956 and 968 AD.

Sadly, there was a misunderstanding with the Catholic Church, which, though usually open, and with a sign saying that it was, was firmly locked, and we were unable to see inside. However, here are photos showing what it is like, taken on a sunnier occasion.

Next we visited the Methodist church. As a memorial to his wife, philanthropist Sidney Hill gave funds to build the present church in 1897, also providing the money for three other churches to be built in the area. The adjoining hall and kitchen formed the first then an extended second church before the current church was built.

A five minute walk past the beautifully kept Methodist graveyard took us the Baptist church, established in 1823, our venue for tea - and what a spread they provided!

Cheddar Methodist Church                                                         Cheddar Methodist Interior

Cheddar St Andrew, Medieval pew end                                     Cheddar St Andrew from the south


Cheddar Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady Queen of the Apostles. (photographed on a sunny day!)
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